Typhoon Jelawat Left its Mark

I've been away for awhile from posting and no I can't blame the typhoon completely.  We just finished going through quite the humdinger of a typhoon this weekend.  Typhoon Jelawat was the strongest and most impactful typhoon I've been through in my two years here.  I've been through 6 or 7 now and the most impact any of them had was power out for a couple hours.  This one put our power out for about 8 hours, but there are many people here on the island that I know who are going on 36 hours now.  I still don't have internet, TV or home telephone (everything NTT related) and don't have any idea when it will come back.  Today I was driving to work and there are still a lot of intersections that don't have traffic lights working as well.  Fortuntely, from what I've heard it has primarily been some property damage, not sure about any deaths or injuries.  I did hear about a fisherman who decided to climb down the cliffs of Cape Zanpa just after the storm with the waves still very forceful and was dragged away by a huge wave.  Overall it's been a bit inconvenient for us, but we are all safe didn't experience any damage.

Today's photo was taken during sunrise about a week ago from my balcony.  This is what I wakeup too on most mornings in the summer/fall.  Enjoy