Kintai Bridge Revisited

I decided to go back and bring down some of the crazy on this photo I took while at Iwakuni, Japan and the Kintai Bridge.  When I took this photo I had been a recent adherrent to Nik Software's filters and was doing a lot of experimenting with different looks.  I was recently going through my 2011 picks and saw this one and went, "what was I thinking?".  Today I decided to invest the time to bring this photo back to reality, well my own reality of course.  I probably spent about an hour or a little more on it; far more than what I spent on the previous version.  I think I spent 10 minutes maybe on the old one, and I saw some lazy editing on my part.  Normally I won't spend any where near 1 hour on an image in post-processing, but I was trying some new techniques so I was learning as I went along.  I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think between old and new.  New one is first.


What was I thinking...?