Yokosuka Starbucks (2012 Edit Version)

Today is another post showing the before and after of me taking an older photo and applying a new edit using techniques and tools I've learned over the year or so since I first edited this photo.  One of the big differences in the new version is I didn't use the HDR technique.  In the 2012 version, I just took a single exposure and worked on it using Lightroom and some Nik Software presets.  The first version was a bit overprocessed that wasn't necessary for this scene.  There wasn't a large dynamic range, which is where HDR comes into play, so it just looked a bit strange (btw: that's what I was into last year).  One other issue, which I didn't notice until I finished this version, was the older photo was not very sharp.  By combining 3 photos into one, it introduced a some blur from the photo with the longer shutter speed.

2012 Edit Version

2011 Original Edit