Seoul trip a bust for photos

While I knew this trip to Seoul was a family trip, I was hoping I would get a chance to get some good photos. The problem is when your carrying bags of stuff your daughter bought it's tough to get the camera out for some photos. Our last day here ( today) was supposed to be my photography day but it's raining so my plans are a bust. But you know what, it's all good! My daughter and wife had fun and I didn't interrupt them by forcing them to do what they didn't want to do. The truth is I'll be back to Korea sometime soon for work and I'll have plenty of opportunity to get photos then. Every trip doesn't have to result in great photos. I'll be going somewhere this summer (haven't decided yet) and will be in Hong Kong in December. What I do need to do is work harder in getting some great shots at home in Okinawa; I've been a bit lazy at home lately.