One of my all-time favorites...Turning failed sunrise into success

This photo from Tagachang Beach in Guam is one of my all-time favorites.  Not only because it is a beautiful photo from a spectacular location, but it was how I didn't give up on what intially I thought was a wasted trip.

I got up early to catch a sunrise shot from this location.  I planned out the location, did my research and I only had one day left in Guam.  I showed up at the location to find the cloud cover low along the horizon; therefore, I wasn't going to get the photo I had planned.  The sunrise shot over the horizon was a flop.  I started to go to the car and go somewhere else, but I then looked around and there were some outcroppings to explore.  So I headed over to the rocks and started taking photos in different areas and different angles; then I came across this pool where the waves would come in so I thought it would be fun to try and get some long exposure shots.  I setup the tripod and took many photos from this location.  I spent another hour there seeing how the early morning light coming in from the side provided a radiance hard to match.  To be honest, I didn't fully realize how good this location was until I got back and started reviewing the photos on the computer.  I did my regular workflow and post-processing to the photos and they came out wonderful.  I've posted this photo before on my former website, but I've gone back and tweaked it some more.  I have this photo as a 16X20 canvas on my wall at work, this is how I discovered some minor things I wanted to fix.  

This photo is a reminder to continue pursuing the photo even if your plans didn't quite workout.  Don't give up.

This photo is available as a fine art print in many different formats.  Just click on the photo to be taken to the gallery.  Enjoy.