Guam Waterfall in B&W

I took this shot during a work related trip to Guam November 2011.  I paid on my own to stay in Guam an extra day to do some additional shooting.  I left before sunrise to get some shots at a specific beach.  During the week I looked through some tourist materials and found out about this place called Tolofofo Falls.  Once I finished the sunrise shots I decided to go and find this place.  Since I started so early I arrived there about an hour before they opened so I decided to just hang out in the parking lot until they opened.  It was fortunate that I arrived early because it allowed me to be the first one there, and I was able to take these photos without any people around.  About an hour later, the tour buses starting to show up, which brought a lot more people who would have interfered with the serene scenes I was able to capture.