Harley and the Han...One of my Favorites from Seoul

I was walking around one of the large parks on the banks of the Han River when this guy pulls up in this gorgeous custom Harley.  These bikes are perfect candidates for wide angle HDR photos so while he was off to the side talking on the phone I quickly knelt down and trying to keep as steady as I could I whipped out a few series of 3 shot bursts from various angles.  I then quickly got up and moved on.  I wasn't until I got back and started working on the photo that I noticed the guy in the photo.  Initially I was going to just crop him out, but then I realized it added an interesting touch having the owner, in his chaps, as a secondary subject.

This photo was taken at a park near the Han River.  This area was full of families and couples just milling around enjoying the nice day.  www.edenfieldinjapan.com