I Miss Tokyo

I will readily admit; I live in a beautiful location here in Okinawa.  Gorgeous ocean views, sunsets that are the equivalent of anywhere in the world, and if willing, incredible underwater scenery, BUT I still miss Tokyo.  I've been here for just over a year and a half and I've created some wonderful photos, but when the weather is not cooperating, I find it hard to find interesting subjects.  That is rarely a problem in Tokyo; a short train ride will take you into vast photographic opportunities at just about every turn.  I often thought of Tokyo proper as my Jungle.  Concrete vs. rain forest, but challenging nonetheless.  One wrong turn and you could be hopelessly lost for a long time trying to get yourself reoriented to where you want to go.  Photographically, it's a different style vs. the incredible landscapes available here, but one could spend endless hours just wondering and taking interesting and unique photos.

This photo was from a trip to Tokyo last year just before Thanksgiving.  I had a day too myself and started walking around 10am from near Hiroo and came back to the hotel around 8pm with my turn around point in Shibuya.  I was walking the entire time with a 1 hour break at the famous Shibuya Starbucks.  This is one of many hundreds of photos I took that day.  An interesting shop built right on the sidewalk to repair/maintain bicycles as you wait.

Another photo from Tokyo during an all day photowalk I did a couple weeks ago. This was a bicycle repair shop right in the heart of the city and operated out of those sheds.