Dark and Foreboding Beauty

This is a photo from an outing I made this evening.  I went out with a specific place I wanted to go but as I was driving I saw an area that interested me more.  I decided to pull off and explore this area, which is about 1km from Manzamo.  The tide was very low so I was able to walk (and some wading; see the behind the scenes photo below) out to the rock outcroppings and get some interesting compositions.  As I was walking around the area, I found that there are quite a few Okinawan graves out on those outcroppings.  I tried to get some photos but it was getting pretty dark and the tide was getting higher so I needed to get back to dry land.  When I left the house, I thought I would get some decent sunset photos but as I was getting closer to my location I noticed the cloud cover taking over the sky.  Fortunately it wasn't just overcast, but the dramatic storm clouds that showed up.  One of the things I've learned with landscape photography it that a sunset or sunrise on a clear blue sky it not very compelling.  Add clouds, that is what will bring life to the scene.  Even though I didn't get a great sunset I was happy with the environment and beauty provided.

As a little fun I added some behind the scenes photos below the main photo.  One is a broad overview of the area I was exploring.  The other one is of me after I returned to the car.

This is a picture of the area I was walking around this evening.  Fortunately the tide was very low today so I could walk (or wade) out to these outcroppings.


Me after walking and wading in the area.  My original plan was in a location that was easy to get too and didn't require getting wet.