Crossing the Bridge - Inside the Ponte Vecchio

As I was wandering the streets of Florence I finally came upon my destination, the Ponte Vecchio.  I originally set out from my hotel to go directly to this bridge, but lo and behold as took a wrong turn and ended up wandering all over Florence before eventually getting there.  Now the fortunate side of that is I saw many places I wouldn't have seen otherwise and thoroughly enjoyed the wandering.  This photo is a very long exposure of the interior of the Ponte Vecchio Bridge.  Obviously all the shops are closed and while you can't see them in this photo, there were a few people who wondered across the bridge while the shutter was open.  Fortunately, because this was a long exposure, they didn't show up in the final version (I didn't have to clone them out in Photoshop).  This is an HDR image with some tweaks in Color Efex Pro, which is my usual workflow.