Amusement Ride Answer

Very few people ventured a guess here or on Facebook and Google +, but nobody got both the Park and Ride.  For those who mentioned Indiana Jones were close; it's in the same area as the Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull ride.  The answer is:

Tokyo DisneySea, Raging Spirits.  This is a true roller coaster with loops and twists.  I don't know if this ride is anywhere else at one of the other Disney parks, but the DisneySea experience is unique in the world of Disney.  If you ever decide to go to the Disney Resorts in Tokyo, I would definitely recommend DisneySea especially if you have older kids and no kids.  They also have the best food of any amusement park of any type I've ever been too.

The photo below is not what I would normally post, but I wanted to give you a wider perspective on what this is.