Look What I Found

I arrived here in Vegas around 2pm after 20+ hours of traveling from Okinawa.  I slept fairly well on the ride from Osaka to San Francisco so in an effort to avoid jet lag, I decided to "do something" until late evening so I could go to sleep at a regular time.  In that vain I went straight to a camera store from the airport and bought a new bag and a Variable ND filter.  Then had Chipotle for an early dinner; one of my favorites when visiting the States.  Then went to Hoover Dam area to get some photos of the sunset.  I didn't have a plan of where to go so I just went there and followed my intuition.  I was lucky in that I found a dirt road (Kingmans Wash) that eventually led to a beach at Lake Mead with a direct view of the sunset.  I hiked around the area looking for various compositions and think I got a couple keepers.  It's very late now and should get to sleep; I want to go to Valley of Fire State Park in the morning.  I worked on this one on the laptop and may reprocess when I get home, but I'll post it anyway.