I Can't Get Away From This One

This photo has been shared on the various websites and social networks a couple timesd since I took it back in Dec 2010.  I keep returning to this photo and reworking it with new tools I get and with a new, and hopefully more experienced, eye.  There's no getting around it; I love this photo.  I think the main reasons are: 1. I wasn't exactly safe hiking so far out on the lava with large waves crashing into the rocks only 40-60 feet away.  This wasn't the only place the waves were crashing; they were behind me as well.  2.  The catching of that crashing wave and how it curls backwards just keeps me riveted.  And finally, 3. The little man brings context to the enormity of the area.  I don't think this is one of my all time best photos, but I keep returning to it trying to make it so.  I can't let go.  So on it's 4th reprocessing, I present Crashing Wave of Cape Zanpa.  BTW, this originally started as a Panorama, but I cropped it to be a more normal size.  Enjoy.