Another Okinawa Sunset

As I sat down late in the evening to write the commentary and prepare the photo for tonight, I had a fairly rigorous debate with myself on what photo to use.  "Do I go with another sunset, how about that closeup waterfall, or I could go back to the archives again, nah, it's too late to reprocess one of those now; oh here's a pretty cool shot, are you crazy, you haven't even started working on that one, you'll be up past midnight again"; so goes a conversation in my head when I prepare these posts.  As you can tell by the title, and if you snuck a look at the photo; I went with Another Sunset.  This was taken at the same location as the previous post several days ago titled Nago Sunset (click link to see).  This was from a different angle and I didn't go with the dark theme as the last one.  Too tired to say anymore.  Enjoy.

Canon 7D, Tokina 11-16mm 2.8 (@11mm, f14), Schneider Vari-ND, 3 shots +- 2, Processed with Photomatix and finished with Color Efex 4 and Lightroom 4.