Photo Redo

This is an out-of-cycle post today.

The day before yesterday, I showed a photo from Tachikawa, Tokyo, Japan. I've also mentioned that I'm in the midst of becoming more knowledgeable of Photoshop. Yesterday, I decided to tweak this Tachikawa photo to see what I could do with my very basic Photoshop knowledge to improve it. There was nothing too dramatic, just some targeted color adjustments and brightening. Here's the basic insight; the old one had too much yellow in a lot of places and had too much of a dirty feel, I wanted to get them closer to white, yet still maintain the gritty and harsh shadows of the night scene. While this still isn't one of my best photos, it was a good learning exercise about selections, adjustment layers etc. I still have a long way to go to become half-way proficient with this program but I'll just keeping plugging away.

Here's a direct link to the old one. Click Here.

Interested in whether you think this one improved it, made it worse, or no difference.