I Have a Hard Time with Titles; Looking for Help

If you have ideas for a title, please let me know

Today's photo was from a couple weeks ago.  I just happened to get around to working on it.  This was in the far Northeast portion of Okinawa.  We saw this massive beach (a photo of that is forthcoming) and nobody was there except on fisherman on this outcropping.  We parked in a pull off area and started looking for a way down.  Eventually Amy found a small opening where there was a rope for climbing down to the beach.  After we got to the beach I headed for the rocks and saw this wonderful view.  I took this in the late afternoon so the sun was low enough to give some sidelight to the hills.  Since it was still afternoon, I used my Vari-ND filter and turned it to 7 or 8 stops of reduced exposure and that was enough to get the silky smooth water in one of my bracketed shots.  I then combined 3 shots (+-2 stops) in software (HDR Efex Pro 2 this time) and brought it back into Lightroom.  I then went into Photoshop CS6 and did some targeted adjustments to get it to its final form.  This is my first photo that I didn't take into Color Efex Pro in a long time.  My increasing work in Photoshop is "potentially" going to mean I won't have to bring my photos into that program very often.

So here's the controversial question... Is this a photograph?  I briefly described my process above and I'm curious what people think of how I go about getting this look.  It is not "natural"; it is not what came out of one image.  My bottom-line is it is my creative expression; therefore, whether I take one photo and immediately publish it or spend hours on several tweaking them digitally, does it really matter?

Anyone have some recommendations for titling this photo.  I have such a hard time coming up with good titles for my photos.  More at www.davidedenfieldphoto.com