Nago Sunset

I've been busy shooting a lot lately, and the weather has been very cooperative.  The other day I posted a couple photos from a sunrise outing I made.  Today will be a sunset from a beach near Nago, Okinawa.  It was a beautiful sunset.  I was experimenting with my new Variable ND Filter to get longer exposures for the silky water yet still maintain the color of the sky.  I'm still working out the kinks but with the exception of some softness it works very well even on my super wide angle Tokina 11-16mm lens.  I can't go all the way to the darkest mode or it puts a black cross through the image, but all other stops work well as far as I've been able to test so far.  This Variable ND filter made by Schneider goes from 1 - 9 stops so it provides a great deal of flexibility in determining longer shutter speeds.  I've enjoyed using it and don't leave home without it.