Todoroki Falls - My First Chance to Really Test my ND Filter

Two weeks ago I made a plan to find some waterfalls here in Okinawa to finally make good use of my new variable ND filter.  These falls are easily off the main road here in Okinawa (route 58) near Nago.  It's a bit tricky to find the parking area, but once there it is only a 2 minute walk to get to these falls.  To get back into the area where I took these photos, you have to climb over some rocks using a rope that is provided at the site.  Once you make it over the rocks it's trcky to get around this area because the rocks are very slippery so setting up my tripod and camera was done with extreme care.  I arrived at this site around 2pm, setup the tripod and  camera, put the ND filter on my lens and dialed it to 8-9 stops allowing me to get a 4 second exposure in mid-afternoon.  I've been happy with the results.  These vari-ND filters are not cheap by any means (I have the Schneider vari-ND) but I like the flexibility it provides vs. the alternative of buying multiple filters and stacking them to get the same result.

If you've followed my work, you know I like to use a technique called HDR to bring out the full dynamic range of a scene, but for this one I stuck to a single shot and processed it with Nik Software's Color Efex Pro.  Enjoy.

My first real test of my new variable ND filter.  This was taken at 2pm in the afternoon and with my ND filter I was able to get the long exposure I was hoping for. These falls are only a short 2 minute walk from a parking area.