Araha Beach Sunset and My Photoshop Challenge

This is a beautiful and popular location here on Okinawa (I think you can see why below).  While I love this photo, I want to use this post to talk about a new photographic adventure I'm pursuing.  I'll admit it, Photoshop scares me!  It's an intimidating beast, not to mention an expensive one as well.  I have been relying on Lightroom and a number of plug-ins to get my look and style (Photomatix to combine exposures and Nik Software's suite of products to further enhance).  I do use Photoshop Elements are rare occasion for some occasional minor league masking and some healing/clone work, but the idea of tackling the full Photoshop and all it's capabilities was too daunting and time consuming.  BUT, I've decided its time to take my post-processing, and therefore my photography, to the next level.  Will I bring every photo into Photoshop?  I'm not sure, we'll see, but not having the knowledge of this important program will leave me at a loss and I don't want to get stuck into a rut and not push my knowledge further.  The ironic thing is, I work for an education institution and I can get this program at an extreme discount (maybe even free; I have to do some checking with our IT people at work) so the cost really isn't the issue; it's been my desire to keep my workflow simple and probably some laziness thrown in for good measure.

So far I downloaded the trial version and am going through some tutorials to get the basics.  I'll branch out from there.  I am really interested in some of the tutorials offered by Jay Patel, Varina Patel and Chip Phillips to start.

So back to the photograph.  This is the first photo that I used Photoshop CS6 to make a change.  It was a subtle change but made a world of difference on the photo.  The photo below is my final version, but scroll down further to see the photo I made the change too.  See if you can makeout the difference.






Did you see the difference?  

The photo I brought into Photoshop had a yellow color cast in the tree on the far right.  In the final version I was able to bring it back to green to better match the vegetation in the rest of the photo.  This would have been very difficult in just Lightroom, but once I knew how in Photoshop it was a breeze.

I hope this long post about Photoshop and comparing two versions of a photo doesn't take away from enjoying the final result, but this is part of my photography journey.  So please click on the final version and enjoy it large on your screen.