After Sunset with a Potentially New Lens (70-200mm L, 2.8)

My friend is interested in selling me his 70-200mm L, 2.8 lens.  It's not one with Image Stabilization, but the quality of the photos is legendary with this lens.  While having the Image Stabilization would be nice, the price of that extra bit is significant.  He let me keep the lens overnight so I could play around with it.  So I went out to the beach near where I work and took some photos.  The weather here is pretty nasty, but I was fortunate that the rain let up long enough for me to get some photos.  This photo was one I took as I was leaving after the sun was down.  With all the clouds, there wasn't any quote "sunset", but from this angle I was able to capture some detail in the clouds which contrasted well with the lanterns.


Here's a photo with the lens on my Canon 7D