This Gorgeous Home of Mine; Big Pano of Okinawa

I headed out to a couple islands just north of Nago, Okinawa this past Labor Day.  I arrived around 12:30pm and didn't leave until 8pm.  Spent most my time on Yagaji Island, but I decided to post this one from atop Arashiyama Viewpoint near Nakajin.  WHAT A VIEW!  This looks out to Yagaji, Kouri and Ojima islands.  Even though this was taken at mid-day, the incredible sky with the bright white puffy clouds (that's how you describe these clouds when you don't know the proper term for them) doesn't give a harsh light at all.  This area, in my short experience here, has the most pristine water I've seen around the main island of Okinawa.  I have a LOT of photos to get through from this day (and some others from this weekend as well), but I'll get a couple up over the next few days intermixed with other photos I have in the queue.

By the way, this is one you want to look at BIG; if you're looking at this on your smartphone, go back on click on this photo when you're back at your desktop with a bigger screen.