Lost Opportunity

This picture sucks.

You may look at this picture and go, that's a pretty picture. This is a terrible picture. Why is it a terrible picture? Let me tell you a story.

Normally when I post on my blog, I have pictures that I'm very proud of, but today this is a story about a missed opportunity  Let me start by saying winter time here in Okinawa is not the best time to get sunset oceanscape photos. The opportunities for the epic sunsets that are so common during summertime don't come around very often during this time of the year. During summer, I am always on the lookout in the evenings to see what kind of sunset we will get. I bring my camera with me to work so I can stop on my way home if it's going to be a great view.

So this is problem Number 1: I wasn't paying attention like I should. Here is what happened. Today is a holiday and I was at home just tinkering around watching TV and doing a little cleaning. I live on the Pacific side of the island which means I get sunrises not sunsets. Around 5:20 in the evening  I look out my window to the west and am shocked to see a wonderful potential for a sunset today.

Problem Number 2: I live on the wrong side of the island for sunset. So it is now 5:20 and I need to make a decision if it is worth my speeding across to the other side of the island to get this shot. To get to one of my favorite spots for sunset it is going to take me about 30 to 40 minutes. So I quickly grab all my equipment, get in my car and speed off to try to catch a winter sunset.

Problem Number 3: TRAFFIC. I am rushing to my favorite spot which happens to be Toguchi beach, you will see a lot of my shots that are from this location. I get almost there and hit traffic. For those of you who are familiar with Okinawa, it happened as I'm getting close to the famous red bridge. It is now 5:56, I've got five minutes till sunset I'm screaming at people to hurry up but it's just not happening. I finally get to the location look to the dark, uncolored sky and say to myself I'm going to make this is a post about missed opportunity, not a beautiful picture.

Lets sum up the lessons learned today: Always be on the lookout for a wonderful photo and don't wait till it's too late to get there, especially on days off.

Fortunately, living in Okinawa I will have plenty more opportunities to get great sunsets so I present this little lesson to you, especially if you don't have the same number of opportunities for these awesome views. Plan ahead and be prepared to get there early.