My Best 10 Photos of 2012

First of all, the title is a bit of a lie; I will list the best 10 but I do have 2 honorable mentions.  I'm a bit late in getting this done, but it is hard work trying to narrow down so many photos into your best 10.  I do need to clarify a little though; I am a terrible editor of my own photos.  So the reality is, these may not necessarily be my "best" photos but could be better labeled my "favorite" photos.  I did try and take a hard look at all of these and pick the best, but there may be a couple in here that grab an emmotional side of me vs. a strictly technical interpretation of best.  Anyway, enough of that.  

Today I will be presenting the Honorable Mentions and what I considered numbers 10 - 6; tomorrow I will present the top 5.  Before we get into the photos, let me throw some numbers your way.  I had second thoughts about telling you these numbers because it could be interpreted as a view behind the curtain; letting my secrets out, but who cares it may be interesting.

Total photos taken for 2012: 11,116, if you include my timelapse photos, it goes up to nearly 15,000 (2011: 6,376).

Year 2012 photos I currently have marked for further review/editing: 417 (Most likely will never get to these photos to edit)

Year 2012 photos that made it amongst my "Picks": 278

Year 2012 photos that made it to 5 Star rating (means it's good enough for me to put on sale): 35


So there you go, 11,116 photos down to 10 (OK really 12...); it is a torturous process, which is why I haven't got this post done until almost February.  I was proud of the improvements I made since last year, I went back and looked at my 2011 Top 10 and was quite disappointed.  I think these are much better.  So without further ado, here are numbers 10 - 6.  

Oh yea, one more thing... each of these photos are available for purchase as fine art prints or digital download.  Once you select the photo, you can click on the shopping cart to see the extensive options for buying prints.  ENJOY!









So there you go, the first 5 (really 7) examples of my Best of 2012.  Tomorrow I will present the rest with links to each photos' original post on this website.

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