My Best Photos of 2012: The Top 5

Yesterday I presented my Top 10; numbers 6 -10, plus 2 honorable mentions.  Today I will show my Top 5 photos of 2012.  2012 saw a big improvement in my photography as is my goal each year.  I was fortunate in that my wife and I traveled to Italy in February.  This was a photo extravaganza and resulted in some of my best work.  Also I was able to travel to Las Vegas for work so I took some leave and went to Joshua Tree National Park.  Back here at home I started experimenting with long exposure more often especially to capture the wonderful sunsets that are so prevalant here during the summer.  One other change, particularly later in the year, I started getting away from using the HDR technique, where I blend together multiple exposures, and am using just one photo and using the exceptional capabilities of Lightroom to pull out the full gamut of shadows and highlights in the photos.  I haven't abandoned the technique; actually I still usually will take 3 bracketed photos, but lately I'm just using one of them. 


Number 5

Number 4

Number 3

Number 2


Number 1