Asakusa Sensoji Temple New Years Eve

We're back in Okinawa.  A bit disappointed; it's always tough to leave Tokyo but we had a great time visiting friends and family and just hanging out together.  As I said in the previous post I didn't have any time to do any photography on my own so the vast majority is family oriented.  I did experiment a lot with off camera flash and learned a few things.  These photos are a two of the few I was able to get while running around following the family around.  We went to Asakusa Sensoji Temple New Years Eve and as you can imagine it was a bit crowded.  Despite the crowds, we were able to have dinner in the nearby market area.  After visiting the Temple, we went to the Tokyo Tower to see the city by night.

I did get a bit creative with the processing with Color Efex Pro. 

Sensoji Temple

Cleaning with Incense Smoke