A Very Starry Night (well early morning actually)

The last couple days, I've been putting photos up from an early morning excursion I made to Miyagi Island here on Okinawa.  When I arrived to my location about 1 hour before sunrise, I was surprised to see a very clear night full of stars.  I was not prepared to do this type of photography so I was just able to get a few shots off of a clear area with the stars in abundance (the clouds were starting to come in as I was getting my camera prepared).  I didn't have a strong flashlight so I couldn't find an object to focus on so I had to do some guessing on focus.  The lens I was using doesn't have a focus limiter so I couldn't focus on infinity, the focus ring just keeps turning; YES, all my DSLR friends I know all your Canon and Nikon lenses don't have that problem.  While by no means is this some great photograph, but I thought I'd share it anyway so you could share that same moment I had at 4:30am