Fukugawa Falls Hike

Went on an adventure today with some fellow photographers.  We visited Fukugawa Falls here in Okinawa.  Getting to the main falls wasn't the adventure though; that was just the start.  The main falls are about a 10 minute hike on an established trail from the parking area.  While these falls are impressive and a good photo op; the mission today was to hike back to falls #2, which did not have an established trail and required climbing the slippery rocks along and in the river for about 45-60 minutes.  Both falls are impressive and I got some great photos of each, along with some other types of small falls along the way.  In addition to the photos, I really enjoyed the company of David, Chris, Sean, Jonathan (David's son) and of course Bear (Chris' Lab) and getting to know these other guys much better.  

I also want to thank my friend Michael, who wasn't able to make it today, for lending me the 8-15mm Fisheye that was used for this photo.  

I'll be posting some more photos from this hike today over the next couple days so stay tuned for more.

Canon 7D, 8-15mm Fisheye, 2.5 second exposure. Processed with Lightroom and Color Efex Plus