Horsing Around in Mihama

Came across this photo after reviewing my December photos.  My friend and I were at Mihama Boardwalk playing around with our flashes, when I saw these young guys dancing and just acting silly.  I took a few photos of them and went back to what I was doing with my friend.  A few minutes later, one of them comes over to where I was wearing this horse mask.  Not able to pass this one up, I got my flash out and took a photo.  This is by no means a photo I will feature as one of my best, but it gives a little insight as to what goes on during an evening at Mihama here in Okinawa.

Flash Fun in Mihama 16 Dec 12-26.jpg
Shot with a Canon 7D with Tokina 11-16mm 2.8 lens. Used a Canon 580EX II Speedlight off camera, handheld and activated with the wireless function in the 7D.