Another Waterfall Exploration Day

Actually we went to two waterfalls today.  The first one is called Taa Falls and requires some river trekking (about 25 minutes worth), which will resulted in getting our feet wet.  Once you get there, you turn this corner and this 80 foot high rush of water is right there.  It is a beautiful site and I spent about 1 1/2 hours there taking photographs.  After returning to the car, we went to to another falls that was just down the road.  This one was just off the road and accessible via a walking path.  It was very different in that it wasn't a hard drop, but it was a cascading falls that went up about 150 feet at its zenith.  These falls are called Azaka Falls and the photo today is from there.  There are some old banyan tree roots hanging over the side of the mountain and are integrated into the falls.  After seeing this I was thinking how creepy they looked and decided to go B&W for this one.  There are many more falls to see here on this little island; more to come.