Another Waterfall Exploration Day, Part 2

Continuing with photos from yesterday's trip to Taa Falls and Azaka Falls.  Today's is of Taa Falls.  I tried to get some different perspectives of these falls vs. just the straight on type (I did take plenty of the straight on type as well).  I had to wade across the shallow river and walk around to the side.  I was battling the water spray getting on my lens constantly and was not winning.  This photo has some photoshop work to get the water spray out of the photo.  This is an HDR; it's the only way to capture this much contrast in the scene.  The waterfall pool area is fairly dark, yet I wanted to get the blue sky with the clouds as well.  I didn't tonemap it in the HDR program, just combined them into a 32bit image and did the processing work in Lightroom, with some Photoshop as stated before.

Canon 7D with Tokina 11-16mm 2.8 (wet) lens on Tripod balanced on one rock with two legs in the water. 3 bracketed photos at 2 stops each combined into a 32bit HDR image in Photomatix Pro; then worked on in Lightroom. Photoshop used to remove some water spray from the lens and bring out some detail.