Getting Back to 2013; A Walk on the Wild Side

I went out to Cape Zanpa the other day to get some sunset photos.  What i didn't realize at the time was that the lighthouse and the access to the rocks outcroppings was off-limits.  It would have been very easy to just walk out to the area I wanted to go to despite the sign that said off-limits, but with the tensions between locals and Americans, I decided to look for another place down the road.  As I was walking, I discovered this little path through the grasslands and headed down this new area.  The path led through a large field of grass (keep in mind that's grass that's taller than me).  Eventually we came closer to the ocean and the grass turned into lava rock flows.  I started to find a place to setup and climbed amongst the crevices and cracks, trying to keep my balance while carrying a tripod, camera and bag.  These lava rocks are SHARP and there is never a flat spot to walk on.  Oh yea, you have to watch out for the massive crevices that drop 20-30 feet down to more VERY SHARP lava outcroppings (see photo below for an example).  It didn't help that I was doing this hiking through a lava flow in water shoes with no suport whatsoever.  I do want to explore this area further, but next time I will bring better shoes and some gloves.  Enough whining, enjoy the photo.