My Only Cherry Blossom Photo of 2012...And It's From Seoul

A couple days ago I wrote a short post stating that the photo portion of the family trip to Seoul was a bust.  Well I've had a chance to go through the small amount of photos I took, and surprisingly I found some keepers.  Today's photo was taken while I was out walking around Seoul Station looking for some camera stores I saw from the taxi on the way to the station.  BTW: I never did find the camera stores; not sure what happened.  The good part of getting lost was coming across literally three cherry trees that had less than 20 blossoms remaining.  It was raining during this walk, which of course adds a dramatic flair to the cherry blossoms.  I am very happy with this photo; in fact it may be my best cherry blossom photo ever and ironically it wasn't taken in Tokyo.  I had my 24-105 4.0L lens as my walking around lens and it just captured every detail of this flower.  While I often miss the extra stop down of a 2.8 lens, the quality of this lens continually blows me away.