Cinderella's Castle at Sunset (Tokyo Disneyland)

Another view of Cinderella's Castle at Tokyo Disneyland.  Earlier in the day, I looked up the time and direction of the sunset and made sure I was in a location to get a shot with the castle.  Unfortunately, there wasn't a clear view of the sun, but I got the Cosplay girls as a bonus.

Tokyo Disney Popcorn Theme

Today's photo isn't a top quality one that I usually try to put on this site, but it's a little story on Tokyo Disney.  One of the "things to do" when going to a Tokyo Disney Park (Disneyland and DisneySea) is to try and find all the different flavored popcorn stands.  While I didn't cover every inch of Disneyland, here are the types I found.  The various flavors can be interesting as you can see.

Cinderella's Castle (Tokyo DisneyLand)

I took a little time, about 2 hours, away from family and let them go on some more rides while I concentrated on getting some photography time at Tokyo DisneyLand.  I did this around golden hour and found some good subjects.  This is Cinderella's Castle, the central landmark at Tokyo DisneyLand.  Unlike the one in LA, they built this one to be an attraction on the inside.  It's a tour based on the Sleeping Beauty story.

On another note, I've been to Disney parks many times between the U.S. and here in Japan, and one of the small things I notice is how perfect the grass is maintained.  Next time you go to a Disney park, take a look.

The Draw of the Magic Kingdom

On my way to Tokyo Disney Resort for the day. Should come home with a card full of photos.

This photo was from a trip we made last year. It is interesting how my children, even when they are teenagers and young adults, still want to go to the Magic Kingdom regularly.

Amusement Ride Answer

Very few people ventured a guess here or on Facebook and Google +, but nobody got both the Park and Ride.  For those who mentioned Indiana Jones were close; it's in the same area as the Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull ride.  The answer is:

Tokyo DisneySea, Raging Spirits.  This is a true roller coaster with loops and twists.  I don't know if this ride is anywhere else at one of the other Disney parks, but the DisneySea experience is unique in the world of Disney.  If you ever decide to go to the Disney Resorts in Tokyo, I would definitely recommend DisneySea especially if you have older kids and no kids.  They also have the best food of any amusement park of any type I've ever been too.

The photo below is not what I would normally post, but I wanted to give you a wider perspective on what this is.