Proud New Owner of a Canon 70-200mm L, 2.8 Lens

Update to last nights post.  I bought the lens.  I've been wanting one of these lenses for so long.  It is an iconic and beautiful lens and gives me the reach to go out and try some bird photography at the reservoirs and wildlife sanctuaries here in Okinawa.  While 200mm really isn't enough for real bird photography, it will whet my appetite and give me something new to try (I can't keep posting ocean sunsets forever).  I also have been considering a photo trip to Vietnam or Phillipines, and this would be great.  Also I couldn't pass up the deal my friend was offering, it was a great price.  Start looking for a lot more photos with this lens; not sure how telephoto landscapes/oceanscapes will work out, but I'm going to give it try.