When Should You Give Up On an Image?

Today's photo is an example of what many photographer commenters would say is what NOT to do with a photo.  I have had this photo in my "Need to Work On" collection ever since I first took it outside Florence, italy in Feb 2012.  I thought it was a photo with an interesting subject in a fascinating environment.  Unfortunately, the several times I worked on this photo, it just never seemed to make an impact; it was lacking something.  Many photo commenters say you shouldn't keep trying to make a photo work.  If it doesn't work with just a couple minutes of work, then it's not a good photo.  I'll sum up their position with a common phrase I used while in the military; "You can't polish a turd".  BUT, sometimes the image needs some time to simmer and experimentation to find what can make it work. 

Canon 7D with Canon 24-105 4.0L lens.  Processed with Lightroom and Perfect B&W

Canon 7D with Canon 24-105 4.0L lens.  Processed with Lightroom and Perfect B&W

Crossing the Bridge - Inside the Ponte Vecchio

As I was wandering the streets of Florence I finally came upon my destination, the Ponte Vecchio.  I originally set out from my hotel to go directly to this bridge, but lo and behold as took a wrong turn and ended up wandering all over Florence before eventually getting there.  Now the fortunate side of that is I saw many places I wouldn't have seen otherwise and thoroughly enjoyed the wandering.  This photo is a very long exposure of the interior of the Ponte Vecchio Bridge.  Obviously all the shops are closed and while you can't see them in this photo, there were a few people who wondered across the bridge while the shutter was open.  Fortunately, because this was a long exposure, they didn't show up in the final version (I didn't have to clone them out in Photoshop).  This is an HDR image with some tweaks in Color Efex Pro, which is my usual workflow.

Uffizi Museum at Night

The day we arrived at Florence, I went wandering the streets of Florence taking photos and came across the large piazza that houses numerous works of art and two museums including the Uffizi.  The Uffizi is considered to be one of the oldest museums in the Western world and houses works of art collected by the Medici family starting in the 16th century.  The next day Naoko and I went to the museum and looked around quickly; she was looking for some specific pieces by Botticelli, Michelango and da Vinci.  Fortunately, I arrived here when there were only a couple people in the inner courtyard (if you look real close you'll be able to see them). During the day, this place was packed with people (and we came during the slow season).  

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GRAND OPENING - Welcome to my new Photography Website

  I took the plunge and developed a website targeted at my photography obsession.  The is my first run at this, and I will be adding additional content over time.  In the past, I used to post everything at my other site Edenfield in Japan, but it seemed everything I posted wound up being photo related.  I decided I wanted to bring some separation between photography and any other personal matters.  In addition, I am now selling prints here at this site, tying my photography to a business outlet; another reason for separating personal (non-photography) related items.  For the next week, anyone who goes to my Facebook page, David Edenfield Photography and "Likes" the page will receive a 25% discount on all prints.  Please enjoy the site, I look forward to any comments you might have.  

Today's photo was taken in Florence from the elevated walkway at Duomo Basilica.  The only way to get this view is by paying for the tour, but it was well worth it.  You can click on the photo to be taken to more photos from italy.



Early at the Ponte Vecchio

How many of you use programs like The Photographer's Ephemeris or VeraClock? These programs along with the compass in my iPhone are critical in planning photos in advance for sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset photos. I spent a good bit of time before traveling to Italy going through where we were going to visit and using these programs to find out where and when I wanted to be for a good sunrise/sunset shot. I used it for the Coliseum, St Peter's Basilica (didn't get one there), Duomo (we were only in Florence for one morning so I picked Ponte Vecchio instead) and of course here Ponte Vecchio. Of course I used it throughout while we were in Rome and Florence as we walked around and I saw potential locations. If you're going to be traveling, take a look at these programs (or others) and use them to plan your best shots.

This is the Ponte Vecchio Bridge in Florence. I made a point of getting up early to catch this sunrise. Unfortunately, it was a cloudless day so the sun is VERY strong. Also I think I got this shot off a bit too late as the sun made its way over the buildings. I started this shoot with my my Super Wide Angle Tokina 11-16 lens and once I got several shots, I switched to my 24-105L lens, which is what I took this shot with. All of this happened within a two minute timeframe. This is a reminder of how short a time you have to get sunrise and sunset shots like this. I have several other shots in this area with nice Golden Hour light that I'll post later.

This is the Ponte Vecchio Bridge in Florence. I made a point of getting up early to catch this sunrise. Unfortunately, it was a cloudless day so the sun is VERY strong.For more on this photo and and others go to www.edenfieldinjapan.com