Remote Gravesite

A couple days ago I posted an article and photo from an excursion I made near Monza Point.  The tides were low so I was able to walk/wade out and get some great photos.  In that article, I also mentioned seeing a number of traditional Okinawan gravesites out on the island like rock outcroppings.  The photo below is an example of one of them.  While this one wasn't too far from land and could possible be accessible at normal tides, there were several others that were hundreds of meters off land.  You can see this one was taken much earlier than the previous post because the sun hasn't set yet.

This traditional Okinawan gravesite is located on a remote rock outcropping that is inaccessible during normal tide.  This particular one wasn't too far from land, there were some in this tidal basin that were several hundred meters from land.  More at