Miyagi Island Sunrise

Decided to head out to Miyagi island around 4:30am yesterday morning. Fortunately, the sky cooperated, but unfortunately it wasn't until later in the morning, around 7am, that it turned. I really didn't have to get up so early after all  


Olympus OM-D EM-5 with 14-150mm 4.0-5.6 lens.  Had Variable ND filter on to get long exposure.  5 exposures blended in Photomatix Pro (HDR) with further processing with Lightroom and Perfect Effects 4.

Are You Dizzy Yet?

Oh so you thought I was referring to the dizzying heights this shot was taken from?  No I'm referring to the wide range of photos I've been throwing at you over the past few days. Today, I give you a photo from the Empire State Building.  Unfortunately, as you can see around the horizon, it was a hazy (maybe smoggy) evening just before sunset, but it's still an interesting shot from an iconic New York landmark.