Remake from Hanauma Bay Hawaii

just got back to Okinawa this evening.  I already miss Tokyo.  We had a fantastic time and a week just wasn't enough time to make our rounds.  I posted a photo from Hanauma Bay a few days ago and stated I was working on another one and would post that one as well.  I did post this photo awhile ago, but I've gone back and reprocessed it because it had some very bad errors in it before.

Hanauma Bay Part 1

Went to Tokyo Disneyland today with family and friends.  Got back around 11:45pm and am too wasted to work on any new photos so I'll post one that I had in the hopper. 
This is Hanauma Bay in Hawaii.  I took this last year during a family trip there.  Working on another one from the same timeframe and may post that one tomorrow.
For more photos and commentary...

Waikiki Strip at Night... Long Exposures

I headed out late one night during our vacation in Hawaii last summer and took a lot of photos and some video.  This is one of the shots I like most.  If you were to look at this without knowing the location, you couldn't tell this was smack in the middle of Waikiki Beach walk.  I composed it to make it look natural.  This is a long exposure HDR photo.  I have this photo hanging in my office on a 16X20 canvas and it get's lots of compliments.

I was walking around Waikiki Beach at night and came along this man-made waterfall right on the strip.  I setup the tripod and spent some time doing some long exposure from different angles.