Kite Surfing

Yesterday Naoko and I went for a lunch and a short drive out to the Kaichu Doro Bridge just to get out of the house for a little while.  I knew it was a windy day but the area around the Kaichu Doro Bridge was very windy.  This brought out the kite surfers in force.  Fortunately, I had my camera bag in the car and parked on the bridge and took my camera and 70-200mm lens out to get shots of these guys out on the water.  It was pretty interesting to watch these people out on the ocean cruising around with these big kites pulling them along.  A few of the riders would get up to speed and then soar 100 feet into the air and slowly glide back down to the water; very cool!  As you can see by the first photo the wind was roaring creating a lot of whitecaps out on what is usually very still waters.

Flying!  This shot shows him just starting to go up on the air.