New Years Day Road Trip

Headed out on a road trip on this New Years Day with my wife, two daughters and sister-in-law.  While driving out near Kaishu Doro Bridge, we saw these paragliders getting ready to take off.  I immediately pulled over, hit the hazards and grabbed the camera.  

Staring at the Sunset

I had bypassed this photo during my first time going through the photos from this location last summer.  Recently as I was doing a quick scull through my library I came across this photo again and decided to take another look at it.  I worked on this in Lightroom enhancing the setting sun color in the sky and slightly increasing the exposure of the bird to stand out a little more.  A little contrast and clarity and it was done.

Moody Falls

This is Azaka Falls here in Okinawa.  They're very easy to get too, but I really struggled on how to compose this area.  The hanging roots with the water flowing through them intrigued me, and I tried some closeups focused on just that spot.  They were alright and may post them again, but in the end I felt the wider look gave it more depth and sense of what was going on there.  I decided to go B&W because of those roots.  I think it gives it a more moody feel than what color can do.