Street Art in Rome

This was from my first day in Rome.  I headed out just after arriving at the hotel and saw this garage with the wall art right around the corner from the hotel.  I composed the shot to have the motorcycle look like it was climbing on top of the mini car.

Canon 7D with 24-105 4.0L lens.  Processed with Silver Efex Pro and Lightroom

Typhoon to Rome

As i am writing this, there is a Super Typhoon blowing through this small island I call home.  Winds are about 120mph outside and I was considering what photo should I put up today.  A few of my photography enthusiast (or more aptly freakin insane) friends (David Orr and Pete Leong) went out to the coast and took photos of the typhoon's power.  I on the other hand, stayed in my comfortable home, ate too much food, drank too much coffee and watched Photoshop tutorials (Wow I'm boring!).  So today I'm posting a simple street photo from Rome.  Why would I post this on a day a typhoon is screaming through...?  I have no idea, it's just what I wanted to do.

Wide Angle Under a Dome

This dome is right at the entrance to the Sistine Chapel.  After our tour of the Vatican Museum, we had to wait for about 15 minutes before we could enter.  While I was waiting I looked up and saw this gorgeous painting on this dome.  I "almost" laid down on the floor, but I'm pretty sure my wife would have gone ballistic, and we were having such a good time.  What I did do was try and bend my body backwards as far as I could, then ripped out 3 bracketed shots.  I was very happy that I had very little movement and combining the photos was relatively easy.  Enjoy.