Revisiting the Lion

Yesterday I posted a photo from late 2011 with a Lion roaring into the sky and the angle looked like the cloud's movement were a result of the lion's sound wave.  I put that photo up yesterday in anticipation of finishing the one today.  I made this photo yesterday after work.  Again I stopped by to get some shots here and on the beach nearby.  This one has a different sky and angle but it still looks pretty cool.  Working with this statue is a lot of fun.


Power Perspective

The sky was perfect for this low angle shot of this statue of a roaring lion.  This was from late last year.  I was leaving work and the sky was this wonderful pink/purple color so I pulled over and saw this lion statue at one of the Okinawan gravesites.  Sometimes luck is on your side.

A Statue Honoring Buddhism

Several posts ago, I posted a photo of a Temple Bell in a location I discovered by driving around Yomitan.  At this same location was a large statue of a buddhist monk.  This statue is around 15 feet tall but when you add the pedestal and stairs leading up to it, it's about 30 feet in height.  This whole area with the bell and statue was provided by a devout buddhist businessman in an effort to honor his religion.