New Wall Prints at Work

Just finished changing out photos for the wall at work.  I love seeing big, beautiful prints on the wall.  Here's something I don't do very often, but I have a number of photos available for purchase at 


New Photos

What Used to be There

2013 Calendar

Every year I make calendars for my family from some of my favorite photos from the previous year.  This year I also embedded some calendars into those same images and posted them here for anyone to download.  Just click on the image and at the top of the photo you'll see a some text named "Owner Save".  The photos are sized to print on 81/2 X 11 paper if you want to print.

One of my favorites from Rome...The lighting worked out just perfect.This is from the Roman Forum during an evening where the storm clouds in combination with the low setting sun gave a wonderful warm feeling to the scene. I added some of my traditional styling to the photo but not that much, this is pretty close to what it looked like out of the camera. 


Getting lost often leads to great opportunities I posted this photo a few months ago, but decided to revisit it now that I'm in this learning Photoshop mode.  It's subtle changes from the first one; primary difference is removing some color cast left in the tonemapping process.  From the top of the cathedral.  Handheld 3 bracket HDR.  More at


More at www.davidedenfieldphoto.comWas going for getting smooth silky water with a long exposure and still keep the color/drama in the sky.  My Vari-ND filter did the trick.  More at

Proud New Owner of a Canon 70-200mm L, 2.8 Lens

Update to last nights post.  I bought the lens.  I've been wanting one of these lenses for so long.  It is an iconic and beautiful lens and gives me the reach to go out and try some bird photography at the reservoirs and wildlife sanctuaries here in Okinawa.  While 200mm really isn't enough for real bird photography, it will whet my appetite and give me something new to try (I can't keep posting ocean sunsets forever).  I also have been considering a photo trip to Vietnam or Phillipines, and this would be great.  Also I couldn't pass up the deal my friend was offering, it was a great price.  Start looking for a lot more photos with this lens; not sure how telephoto landscapes/oceanscapes will work out, but I'm going to give it try.

Wall Mounts - Domes of Rome

I finally finished putting up my Triptych of some of my photos from Rome.  All three have a similar theme with the ever present Roman Domes in them.  I ordered these "Thinmounts" from my gallery and they look fantastic.  They're not canvas, but are printed on a thick, smooth paper, wrapped around a foam core and come ready to hang.  These actually are the first prints I've ever hung at home.  I usually bring my prints into the office, but I liked this theme right over our entertainment system.  I included a quick video and a photo from my iPhone.  Enjoy


The two portrait oriented photos are 12"X 18" and the middle one is 16"X 24" Metallic/Satin Thinwrap.